SEH French has responded to the growing demand for school places in East Anglia, constructing modern school blocks and state-of-the-art classrooms across the region.

Projects have included the refurbishment of older school buildings, extending and updating current classroom blocks and the construction of brand-new teaching spaces.

The developments combine stunning external visuals which complement pre-existing buildings while creating bright, open, multi-purpose indoor areas perfect for teaching.

Working closely with our clients, we pledge to provide exceptional school buildings on time and within budget, ideal for the purpose set by the brief.

We understand the complexity of construction on school sites and are sympathetic to the challenges it brings.

While leading education projects, we remain in regular communication with the client to ensure that they are always aware of our next steps. We understand that effective cooperation is imperative in limiting disruption and ensuring schools can carry on operating while their facilities are upgraded.

SEH French has been on the Suffolk County Council Construction Framework since 2005 and is also on the Essex Construction Framework, in both cases primarily working on projects concerning the education sector

We also have experience working with the University of Essex and Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge.

Our previous work includes the construction of pre-school, primary, and secondary school blocks as well as building a new sixth form centre at Framlingham College.

SEH French has constructed a new standalone building at Dale Hall Pre-School in Ipswich, built a new classroom building at Littlegarth School in Nayland, Colchester, and has refurbished and remodelled Claydon Primary School while also constructing a brand new classroom block for year five and six pupils, creating an additional 105 school places in the area.

At Ipswich School, SEH French constructed a new state-of -the-art, three-storey music block including two rehearsal rooms, individual practice rooms and an ICT room.

These projects demonstrate SEH French’s extensive experience and skill in the education sector and our ability to construct buildings ideal for the end-user’s requirement, creating much-needed school places across the region.

In August 2019, SEH French completed the construction of an…

Additional Info

  • Client Newmarket Academy
  • Location Newmarket, Suffolk
  • Architect Wincer Kievenaar Architects
  • Programme 38 Weeks
SEH French worked alongside design and property consultants, Concertus on…

Additional Info

  • Client Claydon Primary School
  • Value 2.2 million
  • Location Claydon, Suffolk
  • Architect Concertus
  • Programme 48 weeks
Construction of a new pre-school building The project involved demolition…

Additional Info

  • Client Suffolk County Council
  • Value £475,000
  • Location Ipswich, Suffolk
  • Architect Concertus Design and Property Consultants
  • Programme 24 weeks
Construction of a new class room block The project involved…

Additional Info

  • Client Suffolk County Council
  • Value £1.3 Million
  • Location Ipswich, Suffolk
  • Architect Concertus Design & Property Consultants
  • Programme 40 weeks
Construction of a new 6th Form Centre The project involved…

Additional Info

  • Client Framlingham College
  • Value £1.90 Million
  • Location Framlingham, Suffolk
  • Architect Franklin Ellis Architects
  • Programme 49 weeks
Construction of new classroom building The project involved a new…

Additional Info

  • Client Littlegarth School
  • Value £2.5 Million
  • Location Nayland, Colchester
  • Architect Stanley Bragg Architects Ltd
  • Programme 60 weeks
Construction of a new educational building The project involved the…

Additional Info

  • Client Ipswich School
  • Value £2.3 million
  • Location Ipswich, Suffolk
  • Architect Cowper Griffith Architects
  • Programme 49 weeks
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