Corporate Social Responsibility

SEH French consider our people are the individuals who make a difference in the successful delivery of our CSR responsibilities.

As part of the One Group Construction, one of Suffolk’s largest privately owned companies, we’re renowned for our exceptional customer service, highly skilled craftsmen and all round professionalism across every single project, and CSR forms an important part of this service.

We have always understood that both quality and good relations are key to a successful project and CSR is integral to this process. By engaging in a constant dialogue with all stakeholders (including a hands-on directorial approach), the results of hundreds of positive compliments speak for themselves. As a business we hold the ISO accreditations, further demonstrating our commitment to quality assurance including CSR.

Our corporate responsibility is to provide long-term prosperity to our stakeholders by balancing the social, economic and environmental choices we make. We actively promote safe, ethical and sustainable working practices as the key to our continuing success.

Today the business employs over 50 people achieving turnover of more than £20m.With further growth planned over the next five years we are fully committed to ensuring that our approach to corporate social responsibility improves the lives of our people, delivers benefit to the communities we serve, betters the performance and reputation of our marketplace, and protects the natural environment that surrounds us.

Our Commitments

  • Our Workplace

    • Work closely with those affected by our activities, understand and respect their concerns, and contribute positively to the local community
    • Provide a level of care that satisfies our customers’ needs and wherever possible exceeds their expectations
    • Help build a prosperous Ipswich through active participation in community interest groups
    • Increase access to opportunities and employment
    • Maintain/increase our levels of charitable corporate and employee fundraising donations
  • Our Community

    • Provide a safe, healthy and rewarding working environment for our personnel
    • Continue to invest in the development of systems and procedures which help them carry out their work and allow them to develop and reach their full potential
    • Follow best practice standards and improve them wherever possible
    • Operate with integrity and rigorously observe applicable legislation and regulations
    • Promote innovation and develop sustainable construction techniques
  • Our Environment

    • Protect the environment and enhance it wherever possible for the benefit of future generations
    • Use natural resources efficiently, reduce consumption where possible, and minimise waste
    • Procure materials and products from legal and sustainable sources, which have been produced without exploitation of the workforce
  • Our Marketplace

    • Conduct our business honestly, scrupulously and free of deception and fraud
    • Support our suppliers to help us build a sustainable value chain
    • Contribute to industry
    • Promote industry
    • Set levels of excellence
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