Working extensively with schools (both private and public), nurseries, colleges and universities, we have developed an adaptable construction technique to best utilise the knowledge and expertise in these areas.

Confident in leading all aspects of construction such as refurbishments, conversions, new-builds and extensions, our team has worked in countless schools, numerous play and resource centres, and universities across East Anglia.

If you’re looking for a construction firm that can deliver functional, vibrant facilities that will enable students to flourish and develop, and will ensure that the on-going building works will not affect day-to-day life in the selected environment, then look no further.

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  • Aletheia Anglican Academies Trust
  • Beth Shalom reform Synagogue
  • Bosch Lawn Garden Products Ltd.
  • Cambridge City Council
  • Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Cambridge Fire and Rescue
  • Chesterton Community College
  • Christies Care Ltd.
  • Churchmanor Estates Co. PLC
  • Concertus
  • Crest Nicholson
  • DCW Partners Limited.
  • Fitzwilliam College
  • Flagship Housing Association
  • Framlingham College
  • Havebury Housing Association
  • Ipswich Borough Council
  • Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust
  • Ipswich School
  • Littlegarth School
  • London Buddhist Centre
  • Montague Asset Management LLP
  • Natures Menu
  • Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
  • Orwell Housing Association
  • Roman Catholic Diocese
  • Seckford Foundation Free Schools
  • Suffolk County Council
  • West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust
  • YMCA Suffolk